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Curriculum vitae


DU de médiation et gestion des conflits


DESV chirurgie des animaux de compagnie Spécialiste en Chirurgie vétérinaire des animaux de compagnie


DU Coeliochirurgie Université de Strasbourg

2011 Création de la Clinique Vétérinaire Benjamin Franklin



Obtention du CES d'Orthopédie et de traumatologie ostéo-articulaire.


Installé en Bretagne : exercice exclusif de la chirurgie des petits animaux de Compagnie.

1997 2000

Assistant et chargé de consultation au service de Chirurgie de l'ENVN.

1991 1997

Etudes à l'école veterinaire de Nantes et obtention du diplôme de vétérinaire en 2000

Courses and trainings


This training service is offered to GIE and vet clinics networks, but it is also accessible to single vet organizations.

The service is designed to the group's needs, goals and participants' expectations

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Tailormade in your clinic

Orthopaedic surgery, Traumatology, Soft tissu surgery

But also clinical organization, hygiene, complications...

Trainings in your clinic for all the members, for a part of the veterinarian team, for the salaried vets and staff etc...

We can also undertake an audit of your surgical activity in advance of your development project

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Individual training for 1 or 2 persons. This training allows to improve your skills quicky and avoid the teaching progression pitfalls. You will be helped beofre, during and after the surgery 

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